A Short History of Common Sense

We have been making wholesome, practical products for about fifteen years. Our first shop was the garage attached to our house in Island Pond, Vermont. Each batch of salve, soap, or shampoo we made was done by hand, using great care to preserve the quality of the ingredients we had chosen. We used canoe paddles to stir with, cooking pots to steep our herbs in, and involved the whole family in packaging and shipping out our products. Even then, we knew that what a person might put on their body was as important as what they would put into their body.

Our first major move was to Rutland, Vermont; our skill, and our ability to produce both grew when we moved. But, we did not want to compromise care and quality with expansion, so we worked hard at establishing quality products that could be produced on a larger scale. While in Rutland, we also began making products for other people. As a result, we soon outgrew our nice little shop in Rutland. We began looking for a suitable place to expand once again. We did not just want a building to expand into, but another home.

A friend who knew of our need told us about a dormant farm in Cambridge New York. It was a beautiful old farm with a big barn that could be transformed into a suitable facility for us. We were able to purchase this farm and it is here where the bulk of our manufacturing now takes place. Our goals have not changed from the first time we poured soap into a bottle with pitchers. Our products are simple and natural. We use no synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or potentially harmful ingredients in anything we manufacture. Nor do we use ingredients that would be potentially harmful to the environment. We use the same care in making all of our products as we did when we were much smaller. We are still a small company, operated by families who work together and hold common views about our responsibility to care for each other and the earth that we all must live on.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

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