Response to Inside Edition report on Child Labor

We are thankful to live in a nation of laws where all citizens are tried by the rule of law rather than the law of public opinion. We appreciate the freedoms that have been secured by the United States even when those freedoms cause disruption, as is often the case with freedom of speech and freedom of the press and even freedom of religion.
Inside Edition exercised its rights by airing its slant on the activities at our Community in Cambridge, New York. The greatest impact of this media production won’t be to us but will be to the two innocent companies we have enjoyed working for: Acure Organics and The Savannah Bee Company. The people we have worked with at both companies have been good men and women who have done their jobs well. Both companies conducted business with us in good faith, and did the necessary inspections to be assured their products were made with integrity and under the governing laws of this land.
We are law-abiding citizens and have not considered occasional visits of our children to spend time with their parents at our shop, in a place they call home, to be a violation of child-labor laws. The captured video footage was taken Sunday morning January, 14th. These captured moments are part of a very special life lived together on a beautiful, organic, rural farm estate. These brief moments have nothing to do with the integrity of either Savannah Bee or Acure. Likening those moments to oppressive industrial child labor that happens in 3rd world countries, not only takes them out of context but is also sadly inaccurate. This is just another example of why America’s media continues to lose credibility in the eyes of many.
Thomas Jefferson wrote “... the man who never looks into the newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.
We will embrace the consequences of our actions, for which we are not ashamed, but would hope that common sense would dictate the treatment of both Acure Organics and the Savannah Bee Company.

Robert Racine
The Community in Cambridge, New York

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