French Lavender Hand & Body Cleanser

There's nothing quite like a bath or shower with a good cleanser... nothing like the clean smell and the feeling of refreshment. If you frequently need to wash up, the generous portion of moisturizers in our formula can help keep your skin from drying. We blend together mild coconut-based cleansers, adding just enough water for proper consistency. Then we mix in pure vegetable glycerine and water soluble castor oil for their excellent moisturizing properties. To this we add salt for stable consistency, citric acid for balanced pH, and pure plant oils for fragrance. Common Sense Hand and Body Cleansers are excellent by the sink, the tub or the shower.


Ingredients: water, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocoamphodiacetate, vegetable glycerine, sulfated castor oil, french lavender & lemon peel (essential oils), beet & purple cabbage extract, citric acid, sodium

French Lavender Hand & Body Cleanser



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